My name is Maria Jané, I’m a 18 year old student living the Netherlands. At the age of 16 I moved from Portugal to pursue Interactive Media Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. During my two years at the GLR I’ve learned how to work with many different forms of design but my main interest lays on Web Developing, Motion Graphics and Fashion and Trends.

My mission is to deliver smart and high quality design solutions that add value and consistent competitive advantage in the universal market, providing my clients with the best caliber work only. I carry myself with the ambition of addressing my costumers’ aspirations and needs at all time, therefore, I intend to improve their lifestyle quality by creating original and effective designs.

I love cinema, ood food and wine, books, jazz and most of all the beach. I have a passion for traveling and going on adventures. Anything where I can get my hands dirty!


I consider myself to be a good intership candidate because I have the initiative to learn, a positive overlook, I am welcome to constructive criticism, I’m a quick learner and always strive to impress but, most importantly, I have honesty and integrity.


Long Term: After I finish my course at the GLR I’d like to continue studying in a bridge program in the Northampton University, England, where I hope to get a BA. I love studying, so I don’t plan to stop there. My goal is to conclude my studies with a PhD degree.

Current: As a Media designer, I would like to be involved in the advertising marketing world may- be as an art director. I have always been interested in the psychology field so advertising would be the perfect way for me to combine those two elements. I believe that even more important than having an appealing design is to understand your client’s vision as well as your target group. That is the solution I found for an effective result and it’s also what boosts my interest as a pro- fessional. The main challenge is to grow in/with the company, in that way I will always have to give my best in order to fulfill my ambitions.


I like having a scheduled workflow so I don’t find following a planning hard, I rather think it’s useful and helps the project move forward. When working in a team I usually have a strong approach about the matter in question and quickly become enthusiastic yet, I have learnt how to compro- mise in order to achieve a more positive work environment. I am very creative and I love devel- oping new concepts. Every new idea is like an adventure!


mariadesign copy

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